2PC Panneau D'appui Pour Tuile En Mousse XPS 2pi × 2po x 8pi
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2PC Panneau D'appui Pour Tuile En Mousse XPS 2pi × 2po x 8pi

Code de produit : 110550

Code UPC : 020861105508

2PC Panneau D'appui Pour Tuile En Mousse XPS 2pi × 2po x 8pi
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  • Features : 1/4in (6.35 mm) WonderBoard is a glass-mesh; cement backerboard. Remains stable while increasing in strength; even when exposed to continuous moisture; reducing potential damage from moisture penetration. Reduces subfloor modifications to adjacent floors; thresholds; carpets and cabinets. Tapeless installation on open mesh edges provides superior edge bond strength. Easy to score; snap; cutout and nail. Dimensionally stable Can be used in wet areas Patented open-mesh edges for tapeless installation Perfect for floors; exterior decks or countertops Ceramic tile backer. Grips tiles to prevent slippage during installation. For walls; ceilings; floors or counter tops. Easy to cut and install. This product is certified by GREENGUARD (Gold); attesting that it has less of an impact on indoor air quality. The concentrations of the total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde are less than 0.22 mg/m3 and respect emission limits for more than 360 VOCs; reducing the impact on human health in the home. XPS Foam. Budget XPS insulation boards are designed for use with our underfloor heating mat systems on concrete/screeded floors.Budget XPS boards can also be used as insulation for our underwood heating systems; these boards are available in 6mm + 10mm thicknessFor undertile systems this product must be fixed down using flexible tile adhesive1 board covers 0.72m2 / boards are 1200 x 600mmPlease note : these boards have a thickness tolerance +/- 1-1.5mm; due to the nature of the manufacturing process. • For use in wet areas and meets new code requirements.• Board sized for minimal waste of material.• Waterproof and vapor-retardant. The Boards are made from XPS foam board as a core and coated with fiberglass mesh and polymer cement motar on both sides. This treatment gives high strength as compressive strength at about 350 Kpa and high rigidity and it is a very cost effective solution for waterproofing and insulation.Benefits are also easy to be cut with knife and saw. The boards are CFC free and an environmental board.
  • Brand Name : Tooltech Xpert
  • Cube Size : 0.00


Product Height (cm) 0.00
Product Length (cm) 0.00
Product Weight (kg) 0.00
Product Width (cm) 0.00

Boîtier intérieur

Inner Cubic Size 0.00
Inner Case Quantity 0.00
InnerCase Height (cm) 0.00
InnerCase Width (cm) 0.00
InnerCase Lenght (cm) 0.00
InnerCase Weight (kg) 0.00

Boîtier extérieur

Outer Case Quantity 0.00
OuterCase Height (cm) 0.00
OuterCase Length (cm) 0.00
OuterCase Width (cm) 0.00
Outer Cubic Size 0.00
OuterCase Weight (kg) 0.00


Pallet Height (cm) 0.00
Pallet Length (cm) 0.00
Pallet Width (cm) 0.00
Pallet Case Quantity 0.00
Pallet Volume 0.00
Pallet Weight (kg) 0.00