Mortier De Réparation À Prise Rapide Gris 1Kg
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Mortier De Réparation À Prise Rapide Gris 1Kg

Code de produit : 123170

Code UPC : 020861231702

Mortier De Réparation À Prise Rapide Gris 1Kg
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  • Features : • Repair and fill damaged concrete structures. • For smoothing, patching and filling cracks, holes, voids and depressions in concrete. • Fast Drying – 20 minutes after application time. • Ready to use Premixed Mortar – Only add potable water. • No corrosion of metal - as it doesn’t contain chloride. • Workload 0.3m² (2mm thickness) with 1kg bag. • Dries Gray. • Size: 1kg (2.2 lb). ProLine POWERSEAL™ Quick Cure Repair Mortar is a high performance, pre-mixed cement that can be used in many diverse concrete repair applications. Suitable anywhere a concrete is de-laminated, weak and/or damaged. This cementitious material is activated by simply adding clean water. Its blend of silica sand and special filler makes it extremely strong and fast setting. It will not rust any metal contained in concrete structures as there is no chloride added to the mixture. This mortar will dry gray and set within 20 minutes.
  • Brand Name : Powerseal
  • Cube Size : 0.00


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Outer Case Quantity 12.00
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